The most famous painters are known by the assignments they did.

These assignments mostly came from wealthy people who hired the painter’s craftsmanship and creativity. They told what they wanted and this is how many famous paintings were made; from the The Night Watch to the Sistine Chapel. Images, paintings and sculptures. Times have changed insofar that you now have the possibility to give an assignment to a talented painter or sculpture artist to create your own painting.

Now you can design your own painting: a beautiful hand made memory of a special moment


Remember a passed away family member or beloved pet.


Capture special moments as personal and unique decoration


Use your own creativity to realize your dream image. Don’t worry we help

Give away

Create an unique gift. Put the recipient in an unique composition

High quality


Various painting styles

Various dimensions

Photography on location

Help with your design

Unique design


You are the designer

Choose the style, composition, dimensions and more. Want your own face painted as the Mona Lisa? Do you want a beautiful photo on social media made into a high quality painting? It’s all possible.

Nieuwe meester maken

Discover the possibilities

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