How it works: the process

  • Create your design: Choose a style, choose the color, think about the size, what kind of paint you want to be used, what material? Make a dream image; remember, you are the designer!
  • Optional help: Our Creative Design coaches and photographer will help you. A professional photographer can make a photo on location which can be used as a foundation for the painting. A professional designer can make a beautiful composition for you, based on one or more photos and inspirational material.
  • Send a photo: Send us your design with the elements you want to add and change. Multiple images and inspirational material can be used as input for a completely new piece of art.
  • The painter begins: A professional artist starts working on your custom painting. We keep you updated on the progress.
  • Receive a photo: You receive a photo of the work in progress. If it looks good you give the OK or you can request changes.
  • Make adjustments: When changes have been made you get another opportunity to make adjustments.
  • Receive your painting: When you accept the painting and give us the OK your painting will be completed and shipped. Enjoy your unique and personal art! Hang it on the wall, share it, enjoy it by yourself or with others, treasure your unique decoration.